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容量 | 100 ml


This turmeric-based cleanser is a game-changer.

Our goal for this cleanser was simple. We wanted the protection oil cleanser’s offer and the clean you get with soap-based ingredients.

Rendering the skin clean, but more importantly hydrated, not stripping, protecting the delicate balance of the epidermis biome intact. We have found that this is one of the most important aspects when developing a cleanser. Maintaining the balance of the delicate surface of the skin, while creating a cleansing effect. This is why THE GOLDEN MILK  cleanser is a perfect addition to your skincare regimen.

This cleanser goes on dry skin, upon the introduction of water it turns it into a milky texture. Washes off makeup and remnants of the day from the exposure to elements,

Leaving the skin balanced, calm, and smooth.

All-star ingredients

ORGANIC TURMERIC | aka the Golden Goddess, revered in India and used for centuries. Rich in polyphenols makes it super high in antioxidants known to combat free radical damage. In Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is known to take action on the blood, and circulation, and is cooling to inflamed skin conditions.

SIBERIAN SEA BUCKTHORN | Not all sea buckthorn is created equal, ours is the super-concentrated kind, possessing a high skin nutritional value. Nourishing, revitalizing, and restorative actions, sea buckthorn has been known for centuries as a resource for skin-care. From burns to eczema, it contains an abundant supply of nutrients essential for healthy skin.

WILD NEW ZEALAND MANUKA | There’s one compound contained within manuka that is fascinating scientists and that’s triketones.  This very special tree specific to the East Cape of New Zealand contains up to 20% more of this compound than anywhere else on the planet.

There are recent studies indicating that triketones’ antioxidant activity contributes to anti-photoaging effects inhibiting photo-aging caused by UV radiation.

For inquisitive minds see below.

Quote from a pub-med published paper

Furthermore, we observed that manuka oil could suppress UV-B-induced skin inflammation by inhibiting the production of inflammatory cytokines. Taken together, this study provides evidence that manuka oil indeed possesses anti photoaging activity, and this is associated with its inhibitory activity against skin inflammation induced by UV irradiation.

*caprylic/capric triglyceride, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, citric acid, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, *leptospermum scoparium (manuka), *hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn), curcuma longa l (turmeric), silver dihydrogen citrate

*denotes organic +sustainably wild harvested

  • 一元硬幣大小的量。以打圈的方式按摩乾燥的臉(請避開眼睛)
  • 加入溫水,並進一步按摩臉部
  • 以清水沖洗乾淨
  • Scoop a dime size amount with spoon.  Massage cleanser into dry face in a circular motion, avoid eyes.  Add warm water and massage into face to create milky texture. Rinse clean and pat dry.


Kristi 深信天然草本力量能修復皮膚各樣問題。她用了5年,超過 2700 小時的時間,先後於 Alandi Ashram、the California College of Ayurveda、American Institute of Vedic Science,跟隨於該領域最頂尖的導師研習瑜伽,阿育吠陀科學及植物醫學療法。

Khus + Khus的產品配方以多種頂級草本成分,萃取出純淨高效的草本精華,加上簡潔的黑白包裝,品牌於 2016 年成立,短短一年已登上各大時尚及外國雜誌,包括 Vogue , New York Times, Well + Good, Byrdie , Refinery 29,深受生活品味人士愛戴。

產品採用無基因改造,99% 有機、100%天然頂級草木成分來製作。Khus + Khus 利用高端的紫色光學玻璃光子生物學技術(Miron Violet Glass) 來保鮮精華𥚃的珍貴成份,使產品不易變質。

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