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LĪLĀ 清新雞蛋花礦物保濕噴霧 • Frangipani & Coconut Refreshing Mist
LĪLĀ 清新雞蛋花礦物保濕噴霧 • Frangipani & Coconut Refreshing Mist
LĪLĀ 清新雞蛋花礦物保濕噴霧 • Frangipani & Coconut Refreshing Mist
LĪLĀ 清新雞蛋花礦物保濕噴霧 • Frangipani & Coconut Refreshing Mist

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LĪLĀ - a heavenly scented, oil-free refreshing face mist made with intoxicating Frangipani and exotic Coconut perfect to refresh, hydrate and remineralize your skin. A few spritz day and night and you can keep your skin healthy and prevent dryness and breakouts after a hot day or long hours of wearing a face mask (maskne).

Spritz, inhale, and daydream of lush tropical islands.


  • Hydrates and refreshes skin
  • Antioxidant
  • Boost of minerals
  • Anti bacterial

LĪLĀ is more than a fragrant skin mist;  it's an oil free blend of just 3 ingredients, that will refresh, hydrate and remineralize your skin naturally. Water-distilled Frangipani hydrosol contains precious antioxidants (lignin) and supports healthy collagen production (Glycosides).

A few spritz are enough to hydrate and refresh your skin after a hot day and after wearing a face mask. LILA is LĪLĀ also a delicate antibacterial mist, an easy and quick fix for skin suffering from mild acne and maskne.  With the addition of pure Coconut water, we have created a perfect hydration and mineral boost for all skin types.

容量 | 60 ml 

Plumeria alba (Frangipani) Flower Water, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Water, Glycerin, Propanediol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

*Components of natural essential oils.

Made with 99.5% natural ingredients.

  • 早晚潔面後,均勻噴灑於臉上,再繼續餘下的護膚程序。

  • Spritz liberally during the day and before your night routine. Complete your skincare routine with1 to 2 pumps of a water-based serum or moisturiser, followed by a face oil of your choice.


Natural. Potent. Vibrant.

Native Essentials is all about combining gorgeous natural ingredients and offer high performance, multipurpose skincare. All botanicals we use are so unique and bioactive that we don't need to use synthetics, artificial colors or fragrances.

Our skincare is formulated using pure extracts from whole plants, seeds, nuts, roots and flowers and latest generation plant-derived ingredients with names that sound very synthetic but completely natural and often certified organic. 

Each of our wholesome, high-quality, natural ingredients and innovative botanical actives has been thoughtfully chosen for its high-performance and sensory properties. We work only with sustainable, ethical sources, and most of our ingredients are certified organic. The result? Products that deliver pure potency – and zero synthetics. 

Explore the botanicals we use to make our powerful and distinctive formulas.


Our ingredients are vegan and cruelty free; the majority are  certified organic by ECOCERT, COSMOS, THE SOIL ASSOCIATION, ACO.

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Natalie Ng

好鐘意佢個香味,唔係嗰D好假嘅人造香味!噴嘅時候好舒服好relax,而且性價比高狂用都唔肉赤! 我自己皮膚乾,鐘意噴2-3次再拍面吸收!

Wendy Tsang