不想植人工睫毛,但又想擁有濃密纖長的真睫毛?這枝榮登 VOGUE "The Lash Serums That Experts Recommend (and Actually Use)"  編輯推介文章的魔睫精華,同時也是 LADY LOHAS 的絕密美睫必殺技!

As Seen in vogue.com Article ""The Lash Serums That Experts Recommend (and Actually Use)" Feb 2022 :
MOON BOOST 神奇魔睫素角蛋白精華 Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum Luna Nectar 榮登 VOGUE "The Lash Serums That Experts Recommend (and Actually Use)"  編輯推介文章的睫毛精華

好多女士都擔心植睫毛後難打理、怕有害生長激素刺激雙眼、卸妝時又易弄斷、不小心處理又怕細菌感染 ⋯⋯ 但有咗 Moon Boost,所有擔心不再成立! 不需再時刻依靠濃厚眼妝 Hold 住氣場 ~ 因為天然濃密的睫毛就能讓你更自信、閃耀動人!這枝超效有機增長液是你最佳代替品,令你的眉、睫 6-8週內快速、健康生長!品牌使用零負擔活性配方,培育出誘人電眼!  

✿ LOHAS TIPS ➜  兩枝以上可見最佳效果   

精氨酸 ➜ 又稱蛋白氨基酸,有效刺激毛髮角蛋白增生
紅花苜蓿 ➜ 富含異黃酮:可延長毛囊生長周期;含維他命C和豐富礦物質
海藻精華 ➜ 抑制可導致脫髮的 睪酮(即睾丸激素) 活性,鎖住水分
竹子精華、馬尾草 ➜ 二氧化矽豐富來源,有助於構建膠原蛋白, 增強毛髮強韌度
蓖麻油 ➜ 促進毛髮生長的明星成分!高蛋白質含量、具Omega 6以及9種脂肪酸、蓖麻油酸,有助於根部的血液循環
生物素 Biotin ➜ 改善毛髮角蛋白的基礎結構
  • Beauty Heros 美容編輯點名力捧的眉、睫增長精華!
  • 品牌測試最快 2.5 週可見效果,6-8週完成整個療程!
  • 100% 天然成分來源
  • 素食人士適用;無動物測試!

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"Luna Nectar founder Mia Fiona Kut created her clean lash serum a few years ago after firsthand experience with other formulas. “I was inspired to create a natural lash enhancer when I saw that my sister had adverse effects to a chemical-based lash growth serum, and I was also struggling with allergies of my own,” says Kut. To create the PGA-free formula, she combined ayurvedic and Chinese herbal knowledge with modern science. For her Canada-based brand, she also supports carbon offsetting, tree planting, and product-package recycling programs."

容量 | 4 ml 

主成份 | 紅花苜蓿、蓖麻油、海藻、竹子精華、乳酸菌、木賊草(馬尾草)、積雪草、生物素 Biotin、橙花花水

適用膚質 | 適合所有膚質;適合種植睫毛後使用♡  除了有效修復、增強真・睫毛,也能延長種植睫毛的壽命! 

[REMARK] LADY LOHAS 為 LUNA NECTAR 港、澳獨家代理商以及產品批發商。



Instead of monthly lash extensions or chemical, hormone-based serums that break the bank and act as the root of side effects; opt for a 100% natural, vegan, organic and cruelty-free solution that deliver better results, quicker. 

Imagine: a silky nourishing elixir that achieves greater length, thickness, and longevity of your lashes and brows. Let it work its magic overnight, and wake up to the brilliant choice of no makeup, or intense lashes and bold brows with the most minimal touch of makeup.

If you do have lash extensions, Moon Boost is also for you! It can be used to repair and strengthen your natural lashes, which prolongs the lifespan of your extensions.

In Customer Testing...

  • 95% said they would recommend to a friend
  • 95% said they noticed a difference in the look and feel of density of lashes and brows
  • 95% said they noticed a difference in the look and feel of longevity of lashes and brows
  • 95% said they noticed a difference in the look of length of lashes and brows

**Based on a survey with 20 participants

Fragrance-free and pH balanced. 

Size: 4 mL / 0.14 fl.oz 

All of our ingredients are ethically sourced from cruelty-free suppliers. Right down to the last detail, our serum is slow-poured into bamboo tubes crafted by a fair trade manufacturer, with our boxes fashioned from recycled paper.

No parabens, sulfates, dyes, fragrance, phthalates, dimethicone, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, gluten, or nanoparticles. Never tested on animals. None of that.
You have the right to know what you're putting on your eyelids! Below are our key ingredients:
*Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Juice, *Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, *Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil, *Bambusa Vulgaris (Bamboo) Extract, *Laminaria (Algae) Extract, *Glycerin, *Lactobacillus Ferment, *D-Alpha-Tocopherol (Vitamin E), *Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, *Sucrose Laurate, *Sorbitan Olivate, *Cetearyl Glucoside, *Equisetum Arvense L. (Horsetail) Extract, *Trifolium Pratense (Red Clover) Extract, *Articum Lappa (Burdock) Root Extract, *Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract, *Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Water, *Biotin, *Xanthan Gum, *Arginine

* From organic and vegan sources
  • 每晚睡前,沿上、下睫毛線以及眉毛根部掃上精華(手法像畫眼線一樣!)
  • 順著睫毛的長度均勻塗抹,讓它極致地發揮神奇魔力!(Optional)
  • 平均2.5週可見睫毛開始增長、豐盈堅持塗抹6-8週效果最佳。



One summer, my sister came home during the school break with suddenly mile-long fluttery eyelashes. How did that happen, I wondered. And how can I get lashes like yours? We share the same DNA!

At first she played coy, but then she let me in on her secret: a hormone-based chemical serum in which the active ingredient was a compound made of medication for glaucoma issues. This cost all of her allowance and then some, every 2 months. It didn't matter that this serum stung her eyes and caused redness and eczema on her eyelids from time to time; she was hooked. I was shocked. And even more shocked when after prolonged use, her lashes fell out in clumps at a time, leaving spaces in her lashline. 

Our team created this all-natural lash and brow enhancing formula after seeing family members and friends use these types of chemical serums and eyelash extensions that came with harmful side effects. There was a void in the market where existing lash serums and wellness products were either full of chemicals, very overpriced, or some claiming to be completely natural, when in fact they were not. 

At a young age, I suffered from many allergies, skin conditions, and constant fatigue. Growing up in a household that emphasized Eastern herbal medicine and the connections between diet, mind, exercise, and physical appearance, I was able to heal my maladies with these techniques. I spent much of my time hidden away in the kitchen as a child mixing up my own all-natural skincare concoctions. As I grew up, those habits were forgotten in place of a hectic lifestyle. After it all reached a boiling point, I found myself revisiting holistic health in search of authenticity and deeper fulfillment, and it was a natural step to take the leap into creating green solutions. I wanted all women to feel that they could take control of their own well-being, appearance and spirit, and feel confident by nourishing themselves with natural remedies and mindfulness.

Our mission goes beyond skincare. We're founded on the principle of a streamlined back-to-the-roots lifestyle while maintaining quality and authenticity. We cherish minimalism and outspokenness. We love uncomplicated yet effective rituals. We strive to empower appreciation of inner beauty and strength, while providing natural solutions to enhance and radiate.

- Mia

Founder, Luna Nectar 

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Natalie Ng

本身眼睫毛都算長嘅人,但嫌唔夠濃密,買咗支黎試下! 用咗1.5個月睇番自己影嘅before and after相好明顯見到分別。D毛毛仔多咗好多,本身有D毛髮疏嘅位都明顯見到生咗D BB毛出黎!而且完全無導致黑眼圈問題,又唔那眼!推薦!