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草本雙重保濕精華 Moisture Boost
草本雙重保濕精華 Moisture Boost
草本雙重保濕精華 Moisture Boost
草本雙重保濕精華 Moisture Boost
草本雙重保濕精華 Moisture Boost


Opps! 不好意思暫時售罄了!

有著類似尤加利和迷迭香的多層次草本天然芳香,讓你甩開壓力和煩躁~ 很多人都說 Moisture Boost 氣味與澳洲植物品牌 AESOP 的香芹籽抗氧化精華非常相似!

Moisture Boost 採用雙重分子的透明質酸,真正做到補水及鎖水功效,配合其他溫和高抗菌的精油適合現時又熱又濕的天氣下使用,替肌膚進行保濕、降溫及抗菌的護理。輕柔清爽配方,使肌膚能夠迅速吸收,尤其適合混合肌、油肌使用。


🔹 主成份分析 🔹

雙重分子的透明質酸  小分子的透明質酸可以滲透皮膚真皮層,補充真皮層缺失的水分,而大分子量的透明質酸則可在皮膚表面形成保護性薄膜,並鎖住自身重量1000倍的水分,做到長久深層保濕。

羅文莎葉精油 羅文莎樹是長在馬達加斯加的一種高大樹木,其葉子氣味清涼,與茶樹、尤加利、香桃木功效相似,抑制表皮肌膚的油脂分泌過多,同時淨化肌膚。

蘿蔔根發酵濾液  經乳酸菌「明串珠菌屬」發酵所得,發酵後所產生的抗菌肽為絕佳的天然防腐劑,還有助於皮膚保濕。 

快樂鼠尾草精油 快樂鼠尾草生長於乾燥土壤,保濕鎖水能力自然厲害。 

蘆薈葉汁  代替水為基底,是鎮靜肌膚及補水的一大恩物。


This isn’t your standard hyaluronic acid serum. While it contains low and medium weights of the hero hydrator, they’re suspended in aloe to give skin a second source of calming moisture. This gel serum feels ultra-light but gives skin a serious boost in hydration thanks to two molecular weights of hyaluronic acid (famed for holding 1000x its weight in water). Even better, the hyaluronic acid is suspended in a base of soothing, moisturizing aloe. Lavender soothes skin and instantly relaxes the senses for an aromatherapeutic experience.

Aloe is suitable for all skin types. Dermatologist and microbial tested, free of parabens, chemicals and alcohols. This multipurpose product hydrates and calms skin. It can be used on its own for oily skin types or hot summer days or layered under thicker moisturizers when skin needs more nourishment. 

容量 | 60ml

適用膚質 | 任何肌膚,尤其油肌,混合肌。



Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Juice, Sodium Hyaluronic (Hyaluronic Acid), Leuconostoc (Radish Root) Ferment, Salvia Sclarea (Clary Sage) Oil, Cinnamomum amphora (White Camphor), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender), Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil, Xantham Gum

  • 在臉部和頸部塗上精華液,等它完全被吸收之後再配合使用潤膚霜或精華油使用。

Based out of San Francisco, Monastery Made is a luxury brand, created free from chemical preservatives, alcohols and salts. The brand's founder Athena, still blends all the products by hand. Having worked in beauty and aesthetics for over a decade in the United States, Athena was struck by the realisation that the many drugstore, chemical and astringent products to combat acne and problem skin left her patients with skin more dry, irritated and red than when they started. The advances in technology the advertisements raved about actually paled in comparison to her grandmother's holistic and healing remedies. She now makes a range of water-free pure oils to treat the skin.

The brand was named as "Monastery" as Athena wanted a name that evoked ritual, simplicity, old world, and purity. She has spent a lot of time going to Monasteries in Greece with her mother, and always loved being in an Orthodox Monastery, loving the smell of the candles, the incense, the silence, and the beauty.  She would save the bottles of holy water, and the candles from these trips, even the bottles made a lasting impression on her.

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