ÏIS 水苔幹細胞™抗污染精華 • Hydro Defense Serum
ÏIS 水苔幹細胞™抗污染精華 • Hydro Defense Serum
ÏIS 水苔幹細胞™抗污染精華 • Hydro Defense Serum

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青春回彈肌是如何練成的? 秘訣是抗污染 + 鞏固皮膚的水平衡!

ÏIS 堪稱為皮膚「注水庫」,採用兩大突破性新技術:
專利成分 Ectoin ® 超強鎖水因子 結合 瑞士水苔幹細胞 ™(一種由苔蘚衍生的活性成分)強化皮膚活性細胞核健康,對抗各種外來環境污染,紓解內在荷爾蒙變化,並阻截肌膚水分流失根源!四季適用,100% 零油配方,尤其配合香港悶焗、潮濕天氣,基本可以組合 / 堆疊任何護膚品使用。

🔹 主 成 分 分 析 🔹

Ectoin ® 超強鎖水因子 ➔ 強大的細胞修復因子,來源很稀有,人工合成也特別困難,所以價格特別昂貴。它是從埃及的鹽水湖、海水及鹽質沙漠等惡劣環境發現的一種蛋白。 ECTOIN 會束縛細胞周圍的水分子,在極炎熱、極乾旱的沙漠環境下, ECTOIN成為維持綠色植物持續生長的寶藏成分之一,得益於自身的超強鎖水能力和特殊的結構,也讓它解鎖了很多對人體皮膚有益的功能,例如消炎、抗衰老、修復皮膚屏障、修復UV損傷等。

MossCellTec™ 水苔幹細胞 ➔ 提取自 4.7億年前,第一種登陸地球的苔癬植物「小立碗蘚」(Physcomitrella patens),以自身非凡的適應能力震撼世人:小立碗蘚具有抵抗極端氣候、快速適應氣候環境變化的生命能力,從史前時代生存到今天!現時科技以苔絲細胞科技提取了小立碗蘚中獨有的微量物質,品牌把此成分運用於精華中,有效保護表皮細胞中細胞核的的健康活力,提升肌膚自我保護機制,減少表皮水分流失率,從而維持肌膚彈性,同時塑造均勻、無暇膚色,具卓越的減紋、抗皺功效! 

成分獲獎無數,曾勇奪 4 項全球成分獎:
  • 歐洲BSB授予化妝品原料活性物創新大獎 
  • in-cosmetics Global 創新區最佳原料獎金獎 
  • in-cosmetics 北美創新區最佳原料金獎 
  • SEPAWA 創新獎第三名
海藻糖 ➔ 在科學界有「生命之糖」美稱,是從海草、椎茸等植物中萃取的優越長效保濕成分,它與人體內的水份結構相似,能迅速提供細胞造水功能,補充水分,解決乾燥缺水、黯沉問題,讓肌膚處於飽水狀態;並增加皮膚角質層的防護力 !

The secret to firm, resilient skin? Water balance. It is at the heart of ÏIS, a wrinkle and dry skin repair serum delivering extreme cell hydration. Inspired by the dramatic beauty of Iceland and its extreme climes, ÏIS uses a powerful, marine-based antioxidant complex enhanced by moss-derived active ingredients to protect your skin from urban aggressors and water loss.


  • Deep hydration booster
  • Protects from extreme climate and pollution
  • Soothes stressed and tired skin
  • Fast absorbing primer
  • Antioxidant serum  

ÏIS gives your skin its daily dose of vital hydration, keeping it supple, plump and ready to respond to extreme weather, pollution, and hormonal changes. Made with a beautiful, organic Damask Rose hydrosol, pure Marine Water packed with minerals and double-molecular size Sodium Hyaluronate, ÏIS is the ultimate, soothing, oil-free serum that can be layered with virtually any product. What’s more, ÏIS is enhanced with Ectoin, a patented stress-protecting molecule derived from nature that can prevent cell damage and inflammation, as well as an innovative active ingredient derived from the moss that strengthens the skin.

容量 | 30ml 

Aqua, Rosa damascena (Rose) flower water, Glycerin, Propanediol, Chamomilla recutita (Blue Chamomile) flower extract, Trehalose, Ectoin, Seawater extract, Sodium hyaluronate, Sodium levulinate, Phytol, Isomalt, Sodium anisate, Xanthan gum, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate

Made with 100% natural ingredients.

  • 取1-2 泵 ÏIS 精華,均勻塗抹於臉、頸直至完全吸收;

  • 後續再以臉霜 / 臉部精華油鎖水;

  • 早、晚使用均可。

  • Morning and if very dry skin, evening

  • Daily 1 to 2 pumps Apply on face and neck until fully absorbed

  • Followed by a moistuiser or a face oil


Natural. Potent. Vibrant.

Native Essentials is all about combining gorgeous natural ingredients and offer high performance, multipurpose skincare. All botanicals we use are so unique and bioactive that we don't need to use synthetics, artificial colors or fragrances.

Our skincare is formulated using pure extracts from whole plants, seeds, nuts, roots and flowers and latest generation plant-derived ingredients with names that sound very synthetic but completely natural and often certified organic. 

Each of our wholesome, high-quality, natural ingredients and innovative botanical actives has been thoughtfully chosen for its high-performance and sensory properties. We work only with sustainable, ethical sources, and most of our ingredients are certified organic. The result? Products that deliver pure potency – and zero synthetics. 

Explore the botanicals we use to make our powerful and distinctive formulas.


Our ingredients are vegan and cruelty free; the majority are  certified organic by ECOCERT, COSMOS, THE SOIL ASSOCIATION, ACO.

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